Baked Cheesecake


A hugely versatile product that can be made into a unlimited number of mouth watering flavour options. Lemon Curd, Chocolate, Apple Crumble, Blue Berry, Cherry or Cookies and Cream are just a few.


Shelf Stable once baked can be stored ambient for up to 5 days.


Bake single serve or larger formats

Lemon and Poppy Seed Cake

A deliciously light cake mix filled with zesty lemon pieces and poppy seeds.

Use this versatile mix to create your own standout backing that keeps your customers coming back for more.

Gold Label Retail Range

Real baking made easy.


The outstanding Bakels Gold Label range is now available as a retail 500g pack from your local supermarket.

The Chocolate Brownie Mix makes a truly special Brownie. Just add eggs and butter

Gold label Carrot Cake is moist and full of flavour. Carrot Cake lovers heaven.

Classic Cake is light and buttery. Very versatile.

Gold Label Chocolate Chunk Cookies for delicious perfect cookies everytime

Bakbel Chocolate

Dark Chocolate 74.7% 2.5kg


Strong powerful chocolate

Rich concentration of cocoa, giving a positive bitterness and predominant fruitiness

Perfect for molding, solid bars, decorations, or filled bars and flavouring.


Dark Chocolate 52.7% 2.5kg


Well balanced dark chocolate with a bitter sweet chocolate note

Delicate cocoa taste

Perfect for hand dipping

New Bakels Gingerbread Mix 15kg


Bakels new gingerbread mix makes an all year round favourite biscuit that you can personalise to make it your own. Its mild European ginger and spice flavour mix is perfect for making gingerbread men or Gingerbread houses. Add slithered almonds to create something special.

New Bakels Ready To Use Pizza Sauce


Bakels RTU pizza sauce is a a rich tomato and traditional Italian herb flavoured pizza sauce that is conveniently packed in a reusable pail.

It's shelf stable (refrigerate once opened), gluten and allergen free.

This sauce doesn't burn.

Gold Label baking mixes

New Bakels Gold Label Baking Mixes have been made using a selection of the finest ingredients for perfect baking every time.

Salted Lava Cake   3876-30 4kg

salted Caramel Lava Cake (Custom)The taste sensation of Salted Caramel has come to Lava cakes.

Bakels new Salted Caramel Lava Cakes are a new twist on the Lava Cake sensation thats already taken the country by storm, whilst building on the worldwide flavour trend of Salted Caramel.

Once baked your customers simply take the Lava cakes home and microwave for 20 seconds to get the rich gooey self saucing centre to flow. 

Bakels Lava cakes are easy to make, just add water and oil, then bake in muffin or friand tins.

Click on the below to take you to the product recipe and Specifications page.

Bakels Moist Chocolate Cake  

emu cake mud AB (2) (Custom)3872-51  15kg

Bakels Moist Chocolate Cake mix delivers a delicious moist soft and extra chocolately cake everytime.

This is an indulgent chocolate cake where the finest quality is required. 

Easily prepared with water, oil and eggs for a versatile and deliciously moist chocolate cake.

Click on the following for recipe and product specifications;