Diamond glazeBakels can provide strong product development, manufacturing resource and technical support for virtually any ingredient a baker could need. Whether for bread, pastry or confectionery used by the smallest or largest baker, Bakels can supply the product.

Our full range can be found on our products page, but the main product groups include:

  • Bread Improvers, Dough Conditioners and Shelflife Extenders
  • Premixes for Bread, Pastry and Confectionery Products
  • Bakery Fats
  • Release Agents
  • Cake and Bread Emulsifiers
  • Baking Powders, Instant Yeast
  • Cake Coverings, Icings and Filling Creams
  • Fruit Fillings, Glazes and Flavouring Pastes
  • Chocolate, Couverture and Non-Tempering
  • Truffle Mixes

The Bakels philosophy, which links together such an extensive product range, is that all our products must be safe, high quality and affordable.