Sustainability Policy

NZ Bakels Ltd is committed to the procurement of raw materials from suppliers who utilise and support the development of sustainable production processes. This philosophy also extends into minimising consumption of natural resources such as water to ensure NZ Bakels Ltd reduces any environmental impacts.

The issue of Sustainable Palm Oil production is a concern to our company. In line with our commitment to sustainability, NZ Bakels Ltd has implemented a commitment to purchase its palm oil requirements in line with the Green Palm Certificate Trading Programme, an RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) endorsed programme. This programme is designed to encourage palm oil producers to conduct their business in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Palm oil purchased by NZ Bakels Ltd for its manufacturing requirements is purchased in conjunction with the Mass Balance Models, thus supporting the development of Sustainable Palm Oil production. Funds generated by these models are returned to palm oil producers and organisations that audit the palm oil producers, to ensure they meet the criteria required for Sustainable Palm Oil production.

As a responsible supplier of quality ingredients to the Food Industry, NZ Bakels Ltd is committed to continuous improvement in its processes and policies relating to sustainability. Our commitment to the NZ market ensures that all production will meet the Sustainable Palm Oil Mass Balance Model.